Our Services.

Advanced Technical Coatings and Solutions

We are an innovative provider of advanced technical coatings and solutions for semiconductor processing equipment and components.

Your One-Stop Manufacturing Solution

Our manufacturing partners are ISO certified, creating a one-stop, integrated manufacturing solution that simplifies our customer’s supply chain.

High-Quality Spray Coatings

We support wafer processing chambers, parts and components in various processes of chip manufacturing. We utilize the highest purity in raw materials such as 99.999% pure silicon coatings, and other technical ceramic coatings used in the wafer etching process.

Qualified Components

Our manufactured components are qualified in some of the largest labs and foundries in the world.

Leading Edge Technology

We utilize the highest purity materials and advanced equipment to meet the latest industry standards

Attention to Detail

Quality is ensured with testing raw materials and through inspection of the final product.

Cost Savings

Our capabilities range from new OEM specified parts and coatings, to refurbishment of existing components for device makers utilizing 150mm, 200mm, or 300mm lines.

Engineered for Enhanced Performance

Our engineered plasma coatings and arc coatings increase the longevity of your components​ while reducing downtime, and shortening maintenance cycles, leading to cost savings and increased yields in the manufacturing processWe believe that acknowledging your need for mental healthcare is the first step to a happy life. Book an appointment with us and begin your journey of recovery and self-care.


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