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The 5 Top Benefits of Engineered Coatings

Engineered coatings are an important part of many industries. These spray coatings offer benefits that help with performance and safety. They range from a plasma spray used on semiconductors to the Teflon coating on cooking tools.

What are some other uses for engineered coatings that benefit your industry? How can they help you make your products better? Read on to learn the top five benefits of engineered coatings!

1. Thermal Insulation

Conductive materials often work under extreme temperatures. A spray coating protects the material from the worst of the heat. This allows them to continue working at top efficiency.

Without insulation, these materials would break down in the high temperatures used. Using these sprays increases the life of the components.

When working with high-heat environments, these coatings allow materials and nano-scale machinery to work better and faster in environments they couldn’t otherwise survive in.

Plasma spray coatings come in a variety of types depending on the type of thermal resistance your materials need. Picking the right spray coating is an important decision for the durability of your materials.

2. Prevents Wear and Tear

One of the most popular uses for engineered coatings is to prevent wear and tear. These spray coatings protect the material from scratches, bumps, and other minor issues. While spray coatings won’t prevent all damage, they will protect against minor issues.

Businesses use protective spray coatings for many different things. Using them can not only protect your materials, but they can save energy as well. Using these engineered coatings increases the life span of your materials.

3. Corrosion Protection

Protecting your materials from corrosion and oxidation is a top priority. When working with semiconductors, you want good protection. Getting spray coatings on your materials can slow this process down.

This increases the life of the material. Coating with inert substances helps to keep them working in optimal condition longer. Keeping corrosion away from your materials is a constant process.

4. Dielectric Coatings

A benefit of engineered coatings is ensuring your material’s conductivity. This is important in nano-sized materials. You want to promote conductivity and reduce static buildup.

This is where dielectric coatings are especially useful. They have many properties that promote conductivity. Dielectric coatings are essential to many circuits.

Dielectric coatings are strong electric insulators. When exposed to an electric field, these coatings become polarized. When that happens, electric flow is paused, effectively pausing electrical conductivity.

5. Electrical Resistance

Engineered coatings help corral your electricity where you need it. Without these spray coatings, frequent short circuits are a problem. Anything that can cause an electrocution hazard needs coatings on them.

This means your tools, wires, and other materials in your high-voltage environment. Otherwise, you have a major safety concern. Keeping your environment safe is a top priority.

Engineered Coatings

Engineered coatings have massive benefits in many industries. Plasma spray coatings work for materials ranging from the micro level to the macro level. Ask about how spray coatings can benefit you!

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