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What are Semiconductors?

The semiconductor industry will invest over $80 billion into the United States. These funds will last until 2025 and create thousands of jobs for Americans. You likely have heard of this technology at some point and have wondered why they are important. This guide will answer your questions. Once you’re done reading, you will find yourself familiar with… Read More »What are Semiconductors?

SEMICON Taiwan 2021

What is SEMICON Taiwan? SEMICON Taiwan is a conference that helps connect industries, governments, academia, and research institutions in hopes of business collaboration. SEMICON has the mission to “Lead Technology Trends, Drive Technology Innovation, and Facilitate Collaboration and continues to provide various channels and activities that meet the companies’ marketing and promotion needs.” Alchemetrics at SEMICON… Read More »SEMICON Taiwan 2021

Plasma Coating Technology: What Is the Plasma Coating Process?

Did you know that plasma coating is actually used across multiple industries including microelectronics, automotive, and even the medical device industry? It’s used to apply different metal coatings, ceramic, or cermet onto particular surfaces or equipment across several industries. They’re designed to provide protection against corrosion and wear for different materials. The actual spraying technique is that… Read More »Plasma Coating Technology: What Is the Plasma Coating Process?

Coatings 101: Everything You Need to Know About Plasma Coatings

Plasma coatings are a small part of the thermal spray coatings global market which is projected to attain USD 14.1 billion by 2028. Whilst the term is heard throughout multiple industries, it can seem complex to understand but there is no need to worry. We’re here to break it down into more basic steps. Keep reading to find… Read More »Coatings 101: Everything You Need to Know About Plasma Coatings

Preventing Electrostatic Discharge in Semiconductor Devices

It should come as no surprise that semiconductors power the world. Semiconductor devices play a crucial part in technical advancements. This is true for every stage of development in modern electronics and communications. Ensuring that semiconductors don’t fail is a top priority for companies. This is why having a static control program is best. It’s inexpensive… Read More »Preventing Electrostatic Discharge in Semiconductor Devices

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