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Founded in 2017 by Eric Jones – a geological engineer, Alchemetrics Semiconductor was born from a passion for materials, and their applications in engineering and industry.  Eric relied on the guidance and counsel from a family friend – Michael A. McNeilly. Mr. McNeilly was no stranger to the semiconductor and high tech industry.  He founded Applied Materials Technology in 1967, and led AMAT to initial public offering in 1972, and remained with AMAT as Chief Executive Officer for several more years.
Eric has worked in the engineered plasma coatings and dielectric spray coatings industries since 2002, and was part of a Boise based team that received a United States EPA grant to turn high purity waste ceramic into a thermally sprayed corrosion resistant plasma coating.
Alchemetrics was recently invited to join the Idaho Department of Commerce on a Trade Mission to Taiwan. Taiwan is Idaho’s second largest trading partner, exporting more than $675 million in goods in 2018. A perfect fit for this high- tech plasma coating business!
Call Eric Jones for information on plasma coating and dielectric spray coating solutions specific to your company.  208-761-3857

Our Mission

Alchemetrics Semiconductor was born from a passion for materials, and their applications in engineering and industry

Plasma Spray
Eric Jones
Alchemetrics Semiconductor

What We Do

Coding Coating Parameters

Alchemetrics provides plasma coatings and aluminum spray coatings to multiple industries for a variety of surfaces. We take every component of the process into account, from deposition efficiency to proper substrate cooling temperature and mass flow. Nothing is left to chance — this attention to detail results in wear, corrosion, and heat-resistant plasma coatings. Plasma coatings are also used as thermal insulation or conduction coatings, electromagnetic shielding, and medical coatings. Contact us today to discuss the coating needs of your business. Learn more about our process here.

Precise Testing Parameters

Improves component hardness

Plasma Coatings
Coated Component

Increases the Life of the Component by Reducing the Replacement Cost

Reduce Decaying, Corrosion and Oxidation

Plasma Coating

Call now to discuss coating solutions individually tailored to the needs of your business 208-761-3857

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