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Alchemetrics Semiconductor provides engineered technical coatings for critical processes in hi-tech applications.  Founded in 2015, Alchemetrics Semiconductor utilizes over 30 years of experience in the engineered coatings industry to provide solid cost-saving solutions in the semiconductor, food, and advanced glass industries.  From fabrication to custom coating finishes, Alchemetrics Semiconductor can provide an integrated solution to hi-tech manufacturers looking for real cost savings.

Plasma Spray Coating

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Engineered to Run Smoothly to Last Longer

Our engineered coatings increase the longevity of your components, reduce downtime, and shorten maintenance cycles providing cost savings and increased yields in the manufacturing process

Cutting Edge Technology

Process control, 3-D modeling of complex plasma particle-substrate interaction, on-line process diagnostics


Precise Testing

Quality is ensured with testing of the surface materials, compression, velocity, temperature, etc.

Cost Savings

We’ll put together your coating plan, then you’ll begin to see the cost savings that will continue for years to come.

Manage Your Project With Ease

Parts endure high temperatures easily once your componets are protected.

Take Your Production to the Next Level

Several factors are taken into consideration when designing your coating system. Creep strength, flexural strength, high thermal stability, chemical stability, low coeffient of thermal expansion, all make the list, but it doesn’t stop there. All plans are generated based on your needs.

Example Applications

Semiconductor Industry

High-temperature superconductive and diamond coatings have proven to be invaluable to the semiconductor industry.

Food Manufacturing

Coatings fight wear, deterioration and corrosion common to all types of manufacturing and pass on new effectual assets and also extend the service life of machines.

Reduce Motion Degridation

We all know that motion produces friction that destroys equipment and components.  Coating greatly increases the life of the assets in addition to protecting them from heat, water, and other environmental factors.  We have worked with many industries and specialize in technology.  Let us work with you to determine the best protection for your components.

We choose the most appropriate combination of materials, equipment and parameter selection to lay down coatings with high performance, new functional properties, and improved service life.

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Let’s discuss surface coating solutions and applications appropriate for your equipment and process. We will outline the cost and benefits we can provide specific to your needs.


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