Engineered Coatings and Parts for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Alchemetrics Semiconductor provides advanced technical coatings for critical processes in hi-tech semiconductor applications. Founded in 2015, Alchemetrics Semiconductor utilizes decades of experience in the engineered coatings industry to provide cost-saving solutions in semiconductor manufacturing. From fabrication to hi-tech coatings, Alchemetrics Semiconductor can provide an integrated solution to hi-tech manufacturers looking for cost-effective solutions, while utilizing the highest purity ceramic and metal coating materials.

Engineered Coatings

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Engineered for Enhanced Performance

Our engineered coatings increase the longevity of your components​ while reducing downtime, and shortening maintenance cycles, leading to cost savings and increased yields in the manufacturing process

Leading Edge Technology

We utilize the highest purity materials and advanced equipment to meet the latest industry standards


Attention to Detail

Quality is ensured with testing raw materials and through inspection of the final product.

Cost Savings

Our capabilities range from new OEM specified parts and coatings, to refurbishment of existing components for device makers utilizing 150mm, 200mm, or 300mm lines. 

Solutions For Effective Tool Management

Our engineered components are designed for high temperatures and harsh manufacturing environments

Take Your Production to the Next Level

We pride ourselves in adding value to the semiconductor manufacturing process through innovative tool component design tailored to the specific process requirements of the Fab or Foundry. Whether new components​ or refurbishing existing components, we can handle the job.

Example Applications

Semiconductor Industry

High-temperatures and harsh production environments are our specialties. Our components and coatings have proven to be invaluable to the semiconductor industry.

New and Mature Process Equipment Lines

Our coatings provide increased wear protection, and extend the service life of our customers tools and equipment, thereby lowering the capital equipment costs.

Reduce Down Time and Equipment Depreciation

We understand the manufacturing process and its effect on equipment and components. Our Engineered coatings dramatically increase the life of the equipment and also minimize maintenance downtime and particle generation. We have experience with many OEMs and IC manufacturers who utilize technical coatings. Let us work with you to determine the best solution for your components.

The highest quality materials, equipment and parameters are sourced and chosen to provide coatings solutions with high performance, with improved service life, and in accordance with OEM or Fabrication design specifications.

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Let’s discuss surface coating solutions or component refurbishment specific to your equipment and process. We will outline the cost and benefits we can provide tailored to your needs. specific to your needs.


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